Karat & Carat

The Savings Plan trusted by generations

C. Krishniah Chetty & Co. presents Karat & Carat - Jewellery Savings Plan. We provide various monthly savings plans that help you buy exquisitely crafted gold, diamond, platinum and silverware for as little as Rs 1000 per month. Save your money with utmost surety as the savings plan is backed by our family’s 155 year legacy in the jewellery business.


In the Vivaha Scheme, you will contribute 10 monthly instalments and the 11th month instalment is 100% paid for by C Krishniah Chetty & Co. Purchase from a wide range of designs at the end of the 11 months using the accumulated amount.


A 11 month savings plan, Akshaya offers you the flexibility of redeeming your benefits in two different ways to suit your requirements.

Choose this option to get a 16% annual cash benefit. At the end of 11months, you get an opportunity to buy more of your favourite C. Krishniah Chetty & Co. jewellery.

Month Instalment Amount
Monthly Cash Benefits
Monthly Credit
Accumulated Amount
1 5000 73 5073 5,073
2 5000 147 5147 10,219
3 5000 221 5221 15,441
4 5000 297 5297 20,738
5 5000 374 5374 26,112
6 5000 453 5453 31,565
7 5000 532 5532 37,097
8 5000 612 5612 42,710
9 5000 694 5694 48,403
10 5000 774 5777 54,180
11 5000 861 5861 60,041
55000 60,041

Monthly cash Benefit=

16% x (Instalment Amount + Previous Month Accumulated Amount )/11`

This scheme offers you protection against rising prices of gold, diamond, platinum & silver with the promise of an average rate benefit at the end of 11 months. In this plan, the eligible quantity of gold, diamond, platinum or silver is credited to you every month at the prevailing rate on the instalment payment date.

Month Instalment Amount
Prevailing Gold Rate
Gold Weight Credited
1 5000 4466 1.12
2 5000 4577 1.09
3 5000 4651 1.08
4 5000 4697 1.06
5 5000 4623 1.08
6 5000 4715 1.06
7 5000 4770 1.05
8 5000 4807 1.07
9 5000 4862 1.03
10 5000 4770 1.05
11 5000 4816 1.04
55000 11.70

The above table is for illustrative purpose only

Key Points to Remember


The Customer should bring a self-attested copy of PAN card , proof of photo identity & address (Driving License/Voter ID/ Passport /Ration Card/ /Aadhar) and bank account details (including a cancelled cheque if possible) at the time of enrolment.

Enrolment can be done at the C. Krishniah Chetty & Co. store

Monthly Instalment

Customers can pay a minimum of Rs 1000 or multiples thereof.

Customers are advised to carry the original Savings Plan card at the time of making monthly instalments to ensure accurate credit to account

Customers have to pay one fixed instalment every month. More than one instalment will not be allowed.

Once the specific Akshaya or Vivaha plan is selected, it cannot be changed.

You can pay through multiple payment modes as per your convenience - cash, cheque, credit / debit cards, NEFT/ RTGS, online payment. Local cheques to be made in favour of “C. Krishniah Chetty & Co. Private Limited”

Delayed or missed instalments will result in benefits not accruing for that instalment.


Customers should personally handover the original Savings Plan card and provide Proof of Identity along with original PAN to redeem the Plan.

The Customer is mandatorily required to redeem his/her account before the completion of 365 days from the Enrolment Date.

Redemption amount can be used for purchasing gold, diamond, platinum jewellery and silverware. No gold coins and bars can be purchased or cash refunds given.

Benefits of the Plan are available only to the extent of the accumulated amount/weight in the customer's matured savings plan. For the balance quantity/amount on the chosen article, the charges applicable at the time of redemption are payable.