The Guarantee of Purity

The first step in crafting timeless masterpieces is the purity of the metal used. All our jewellery is hallmarked, therefore its purity is unquestionable.

Responsibly sourced, natural and conflict-free diamonds

We make sure that the stones we pick are 100% natural and conflict-free. We only select diamonds that meet our highest standards.

Royal craftsmanship for
everyone, every day

We have been making jewellery for over 150 years. That’s a lot of practice. Our clientele has included some of the most discerning and demanding people in the world. Every piece we make is a shining example of expert craftsmanship which is a result of our attention to detail and dedication to artistry.

Evolving with the times

Our century-old expertise in creating jewellery that meets the ever evolving taste of Indian women is unparalleled. Our craftsmen and curators spend hours studying this evolution before designing every jewellery piece.